Fighting to ensure the legal right to funded nursing care provided by the NHS is upheld
Foreword - Rear Admiral Philip Mathias
In our advanced democracy, it is unacceptable that a Department of State and our biggest public body can be allowed to systematically break the law (intentionally or otherwise), with almost total impunity, whilst causing emotional distress and financial devastation to many thousands of old, ill and vulnerable people, with many being unlawfully forced to deplete their life savings and sell their homes. Not only does the dysfunctional and unlawful CHC system need to be rectified immediately but a rapid process of redress also needs to be established for those who have been unlawfully denied significant sums of healthcare funding.
Holding Hands
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NHS Continuing Healthcare

Our Campaign

Our Vision

That all adults with a Primary Health Need receive the full NHS Continuing Healthcare funding to which they are legally entitled regardless of setting.

A legal entitlement to long-term healthcare in any residence, funded by the NHS, subject to eligibility criteria.

To obtain a Judicial Review to prevent on-going unlawful decision processes that deny rights to health care.