Andrea Davis

Campaign Team Administrator
Student - BA Fine Art
Twitter - @AKDfineart
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I recall reading an article on how Philip Mathias had battled to get CHC for his Mother and thought how similar the situation sounded to ours. It spurred me on to apply for CHC for my Dad despite being told from the outset by several health professionals we would be unlikely to get it and if we did would have to move homes.


Naively, I thought I was well prepared, but discovered a hideous system, far from open and transparent where it seems it could be argued black is white. It made me all the more determined to challenge at every step of the way and has taken close to 2.5 years so far, with multiple meetings, a Local Appeal, an Independent Review, and a few Freedom of Information Requests, Subject Access Requests, Complaints and local Scrutiny meetings along the way!


I'm co-administrator for our Facebook Page. It's fantastic that we've been able to form a Campaign Team to get this Judicial Review underway. 


Please support the campaign, Thank you so much, Andrea