Anne Hutchinson

Campaign Team Member
MOD Civilian Employee, Former Occupation Law Enforcement
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The inaction of our Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), their desire to prioritise ‘financial gatekeeping’ over an individual’s health needs robbed me of time that should have been spent solely with my Mum in her final years. I do not want any other families, whether their loved one is elderly, a younger adult, or child, to have to endure this unlawful and uncaring process. We simply seek a process that is fair, accountable and subject to a framework that actually delivers against the principles of a National Health Service.


It took a 2.5-year adversarial battle to secure NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) funding for my Mum. As a public servant of 30 years, my first experience of a public sector body‘s process, was shocking and a real eye opener. The initial assessment and subsequent process was fundamentally flawed, with a CCG paying scant regard to the National Framework Guidance, no local authority input as required by law, condescending and dismissive CHC staff, and thinly veiled attempts to dissuade us from any appeal with comments like ‘we rarely get it wrong‘ and ‘we sit on each other’s panels’.  All this was later proved wrong at an NHSE Independent Review Panel where full funding from the point of application was awarded retrospectively.


Mum's second ‘eligible’ assessment only took place after we prompted a review of local practices resulting in a fundamental re-working of their whole CHC process to ensure it complied with National guidelines.


Mum and Dad were lifelong NHS workers. Age 58, Mum was diagnosed with a very rare neurological condition affecting her mobility. She received wonderful treatment at The National Hospital in London and over the course of the next 25 years Dad used his nursing experience to care for her at home. By 2017 with no mobility, Dementia, asymptomatic diabetes and a whole host of other medical conditions, my Mum was in a Nursing Home, paying significant sums for what had been NHS medical care. Despite clear substantial health and nursing needs, the first question everybody wanted to know was ‘does she own a house’ and ‘does she have savings’.


I am delighted to be part of Rear Admiral Mathias’ team working towards a successful Judicial Review.