Carolyn Bailey

Campaign Team Member
Primary School Teacher
Twitter - @carolyn38694255
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I first heard about CHC from an old school friend who had successfully obtained funding for his mother. He warned me I would be in for a difficult time but nothing could have prepared me for the path ahead when I tried to get funding for my mother in 2017.


From the moment I mentioned CHC, I felt like our whole family had been caught up in a conspiracy. From the consultant down to the nurses on the ward, they all closed ranks. They told us mum stood no chance and even tried to complete the checklist earlier in the day to avoid us attending.


Then followed months of reading, researching, gathering evidence and raising complaints and appeals when I should have been sharing my mum's last few weeks. 18 months later I was successful at the Local Appeal stage.


My fight has been over a while now but I remain active in the support groups in the hope that I can help other people. I am so grateful to Rear Admiral Mathias for leading this Judicial Review and giving hope to so many.