Celebrity Supporters


We would like to thank Steve Thompson MBE (2003 Rugby World Cup winning hooker) for his interest and support. In a Tweet to campaign team member Andrea, Steve said, “... I’m very interested in seeing what I can do to help.”

At 42, sadly Steve was diagnosed with early onset dementia and probable chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) - brain degeneration which is likely to have been caused by repeated head traumas.

Thank you for getting in touch Steve. We very much appreciate your interest and support.


We are thrilled that John Stiles, former Leeds United footballer and son of Manchester United and World Cup winner Nobby Stiles, is supporting our campaign.  In a Tweet he said, "Anything you want me to do just let me know - my mum and I are passionate about this. We've seen some terrible situations that should never occur."  He has very kindly offered to consider how best he can support our cause.  

Thank you John.  Your interest and support is very much appreciated 


We are delighted to announce that the wonderful producer and writer, Jimmy McGovern, known for (amongst other things) Cracker, The Street, Moving on and Care has generously donated to our campaign and offered his support.  In an email to the campaign team, he said...


"I am delighted to add my support to Rear Admiral Philip Mathias’ campaign to ensure that all those with overriding health needs receive the funding to which they are entitled.  As shown in the recent BBC film "Care" (written by me and Gillian Juckes and based on Gillian's personal experience) so many people have been unjustly refused funding, denying them help and support at a time when they most need it. Please support this most worthwhile campaign."

Thank you so much for your support Jimmy.


We are delighted that Esther Rantzen is supporting our campaign. In an email to Rear Admiral Mathias she said ...

"It is shocking that so many desperately ill and vulnerable people are not getting the healthcare funding they are entitled to, which causes so much emotional distress and often financial devastation. I fully support this campaign by Rear Admiral Mathias.”

Thank you Esther. Your support is very much appreciated 

Nile Rodgers.jpg
We are thrilled that Nile Rodgers, legendary guitarist, singer-songwriter, record producer, and co-founder of Chic, has added his support to our campaign. Nile, who sadly lost his mother to Alzheimer's shortly after Christmas 2020, said:
“I have seen for myself the terrible effects that Alzheimer’s has on its sufferers and their families. I am therefore very pleased to support this campaign which seeks to ensure that ill and vulnerable people, regardless of age, receive the healthcare funding they are entitled to. I wish you all the very best with this campaign .”
We are very sorry for your loss Nile and thank you for supporting our campaign

We are pleased to announce that TV presenter Fiona Phillips has expressed her support for our campaign. In response to our contact with her, she stated:

"Sadly it’s a National scandal that’s been allowed to become part of the furniture. And it IS a scandal. Fleecing the frail & elderly & their families for care, which should be a basic human right. How can a civilised society watch people flog their homes for the basics?"

We could not agree more with her view on this scandal.