Our Supporters

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We are delighted to announce that the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) is aware of our campaign and is fully supportive of the cause. In an email to the campaign team, when referring to CHC, John Bramhall (Deputy CEO) stated:


“We would agree that this is a system that many people are unaware of, that is overly complex and often takes far too long to deliver decisions. We believe this is unacceptable.”


“... there also appears to be evidence of differences in the way different CCGs interpret the national framework.


On this basis we certainly empathise with your cause and support the assertion of inconsistency in decision making as to eligibility.”


We would like to thank John Bramhall and Darren Wilson of the PFA for taking the time to read about the campaign and responding to us. We will continue to publish our campaign to a variety of major organisations and well-known personnel to promote the cause more widely. 

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We are also very pleased that Beacon, NHS England's chosen provider of CHC advice, is supporting the campaign. On its website, Dan Harbour (Managing Director), said:


“The public support for Philip Mathias’ campaign reflects the strong feelings about the CHC system that we encounter every day from clients who turn to us for help. Rear Admiral Mathias is passionate about this issue, and I have no doubt he’ll be an effective representative for those who’ve already donated to support the legal challenge.”


Care to be Different, the CHC website and brand managed and administered by Farley Dwek Solicitors has been very proactive in its support for the campaign, sharing and promoting our media coverage and Crowd Justice page.  We would like to thank Johnathan Dwek and Andrew Farley for their continued support.


Cornerstone Healthcare provides specialist care for vulnerable people who present with challenging behaviours associated with complex neurodegenerative and mental health needs.

Commercial Director, Deborah Bailey, said, "... we do feel this campaign is extremely worthwhile and long overdue."

Thank you Deborah. Your support means a great deal and we wish you every success with your new care home, Marula Lodge.


We would like to thank Steve Edwards (CEO NARPO) for highlighting the campaign within the retired Police Officers' community. In a recent NARPO Met Pol publication, Steve said:


'Retired Rear Admiral Philip Mathias, supported by his campaign team that includes several retired police officers, has launched a legal action against the Government regarding the NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) scandal. 

Unlike Social Care which is means-tested, it is the legal responsibility of the NHS to fully fund an individual's healthcare, in any setting outside of a hospital, if they have an ongoing serious illness such as severe dementia. 

The application for a Judicial Review claims that NHS England has failed in this legal duty and has unlawfully denied tens of thousands of very ill people the CHC funding to which they are entitled, often with devastating emotional and financial consequences.'


We are delighted to be supported by Safeguarding Futures who offer a Will writing, estate planning and care costs advisory service as well as CHC advice.

Melanie Parsons said of the campaign, "Please can you all get behind this campaign. It is vitally important - as those of you who are battling the CHC system are probably all too aware of. Steve and I fully support this action and are personally donating."

We are grateful to the CSPA for highlighting our campaign on their website. The CSPA has 55,000 members and are a powerful, independent voice for retired civil servants and older people.
Lisa Ray (General Secretary) said, "We have had quite a few members affected by this issue and so we would be pleased to support the campaign."

We are thrilled that we have been awarded a grant by the Trustees of the Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust. The objectives of the Trust are framed in general terms to work for a just and democratic society and to redress political and social injustices.

We would like to thank the Trustees for their support and for the confidence they have shown in the team and what we are trying to achieve.

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We are very privileged to have the backing of the Allen Lane Foundation whose Trustees have generously awarded us a grant.

The Allen Lane Foundation is a grant-making trust which was established in 1966. The founder was Sir Allen Lane, who set up the publishing company Penguin Books. Among their aims is to make a lasting difference to people's lives; reduce isolation and discrimination.

We would like to thank the Trustees for their support.