Dawn Harrison

Campaign Team Administrator
Twitter - @_DawnHarrison
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I read about Rear Admiral Philip Mathias’ story in our local paper a couple of years ago. Inspired by his dogged determination, I got in touch with him and he was extremely helpful in providing guidance regarding my mother’s situation (she was in a care home suffering from mixed dementia). Since then, we have become friends through a mutual ambition to end this injustice and I am extremely proud to be part of his campaign team. My role in the team is primarily fundraising. I am also one of the administrators for our Facebook page.

As far as my dear mum (now deceased) is concerned, she was found ineligible for CHC on the grounds that her needs were deemed to be social care and therefore means-tested. She paid £228,000 in care fees during her time in the care home from July 2015 until she passed away in November 2019. I am continuing to fight for retrospective funding.

My mission is to help ensure that others aren’t subjected to the same injustice and anxiety that so many have had to endure.