The NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Scandal


A key document produced by Rear Admiral Philip Mathias setting out the key statistics and issues regarding NHS Continuing Healthcare. This document was widely circulated, including to the Prime Minister, NHS England, PHSO, GMC and the NMC.

Public Accounts Committee: NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding

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A critical report by the House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts into CHC funding. It found significant failings in the process and raised concerns regarding the Government target for savings of £855m by 2021.

DHSC: Integration and Innovation: working together to improve health and social care for all

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The Department of Health and Social Care's legislative proposals for a Health and Care Bill published 11 February 2021

NAO: Investigation into NHS Continuing Healthcare funding

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This report highlights the cost pressures on Clinical Commissioning Groups and the failure to have appropriate assurance processes to ensure accuracy and consistency in eligibility decisions.

PHSO: Continuing Healthcare Getting it Right First Time

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This report highlights a few of the issues within NHS Continuing Healthcare and makes recommendations for NHS England.

NHS Commissioning Board and CCG Regulations 2012

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Section 21 of these regulations state the law that applies to CCG's in relation to NHS Continuing Healthcare.

National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and Funded Nursing Care

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The framework sets out the principles and processes for Continuing Healthcare and NHS-funded nursing care. Every sentence should be read carefully to ensure accurate understanding, including the Practitioner Guidance notes.

NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist

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The Checklist is used for new applicants for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-funded Nursing Care. Advisory note - the Checklist is not an indicator of the likelihood for eligibility. It is a screening tool to identify people who need a full assessment.

NHS Continuing Healthcare Fast Track Pathway Tool

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The Fast Track tool is used for people with a rapidly deteriorating condition and the condition may be entering a terminal phase.  For the purposes of Fast Track eligibility this constitutes a primary health need.  No other test is required.  

NHS Continuing Healthcare Decision Support Tool

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The national tool for gathering evidence to support decision making for Continuing Healthcare.  It contains important user notes and descriptors for each of the assessed domains. Alterations are possible with the new National Framework so clarify with the appropriate CCG. 

Alzheimer's Society: When does the NHS Pay for Care

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A comprehensive guide supporting individuals and their representatives through the NHS Continuing Healthcare system, including support with applications  and appealing outcomes.

The NICE-SCIE Guidelines on Supporting People with Dementia and their Carers in Health and Social Care

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People suffering from dementia are often turned down for NHS Continuing Healthcare. This document provides guidance for supporting people with dementia and their carers.

Competitions and Markets Authority Consumer Law Advice to Care Homes


Advice from the CMA to UK care home providers for older people – advice on consumer law Helping care homes comply with their consumer law obligations