Meet the Campaign Team


Philip Mathias

Campaign Leader

Career: Rear Admiral (rtd) Royal Navy

Location: Hampshire

Andrea Davis - website.jpeg

Andrea Davis

Campaign Administrator

Career: Student - BA Fine Art

Location: Monmouthshire

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Dawn Harrison

Campaign Administrator

Career: Retired.  Former Civil Servant and Government contractor

Location: Wiltshire

Anne Wesbite.jpg

Anne Hutchinson

Campaign Team Member

Career: MOD Civilian Employee, Former Occupation Law Enforcement

Location: Hampshire

Carolyn Website.jpg

Carolyn Bailey

Campaign Team Member

Career: Primary School Teacher

Location: Southampton

Charlie website.jpg

Charlie Brown

Campaign Team Member

Career: Retired Police Officer

Location: Lincolnshire

Daphne website.jpg

Daphne Havercroft

Campaign Team Member

Career: Retired Senior Project Manager

Location: South Gloucestershire

Paul F Website.jpg

Paul Floyd

Campaign Team Member

Career: IT Manager

Location: Hertfordshire


Phil Austen-Jones

Campaign Team Member

Career: Director of Construction Company, Former Executive Headteacher

Location: Hampshire

Screenshot 2020-10-31 at 11.31.09.png

Shirley Lesiak

Campaign Team Member

Career: Retired Senior Travel Consultant

Location: Essex