Phil Austen-Jones

Campaign Team Member
Director of Construction Company, Former Executive Headteacher
Twitter - @PhilAustenJones
As a result of a life-threatening condition, my wife was awarded Continuing Healthcare in 2009. Despite having an annual review in April 2017, the CCG ordered another in November 2017 because they did not know the details of the package of care in order to pay the care agency in a timely manner. With a background of massive saving targets within the CCG, including for Continuing Healthcare, we have endured an unlawful process that has included lies, altering of outcomes without our knowledge or consent to process data, tampering of documents, and refusal to answer questions and complaints. The battle is on-going with the likelihood of legal action.
The personal impact on my health and work has been immense but the fight needs to be won because the consequences of failure are simply life-threatening.
Sadly, my case is just one of many, many thousands across the country. This campaign is essential to highlight and right the wrongs of the unlawful actions that vulnerable people face on a daily basis. Whilst balancing full-time work commitments and my own Continuing Healthcare battle, I am delighted to be part of this campaign in order to fight this gross injustice.