DHSC's White Paper

On 11 February the Government published its White Paper into the future of health and social care

As far as I can see, CHC gets mentioned twice, both on page 57 under 'Discharge to Assess'. Para 5.113 states:

'We will bring forward measures to update approaches to hospital discharge to help facilitate smooth discharge, by putting in place a legal framework for a ‘Discharge to Assess’ model, whereby NHS continuing healthcare (CHC) and NHS Funded Nursing Care (FNC) assessments, and Care Act assessments, can take place after an individual has been discharged from acute care. This will replace the existing legal requirement for all assessments to take place prior to discharge.'

If it is a legal requirement that all assessments take place prior to discharge then surely that makes the guidance contained in the National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and Funded Nursing Care illegal? On page 3 of the National Framework it states:

'The 2018 National Framework is intended to ... :

3) clarify a number of policy areas, including:

a) Setting out that the majority of NHS Continuing Healthcare assessments should take place outside of acute hospital settings. This will support accurate assessments of need and reduce unnecessary stays in hospital.'

The above is referred to in several other places in the Framework, for example ...

'109. In the majority of cases, it is preferable for eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare to be considered after discharge from hospital when the person’s ongoing needs should be clearer.'

This is another classic example of why the campaign was set up - to highlight the confusion and illegality within the existing system.

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