Good Progress on all Fronts

Legal Update

Following the submission to the High Court for a Judicial Review, unsurprisingly both defendants have objected to this legal challenge proceeding. Our solicitor commented:

"The lengthy responses from NHS England and government lawyers to the Judicial Review application indicate they are taking this legal challenge very seriously. Rather than countering the extensive evidence presented, much of it based on NHS England's own data, they have chosen to focus on process, procedural and legal objections to the Judicial Review taking place. They have also refused to agree to our proposal for a 'cost capping order', as they will know that Rear Admiral Mathias has limited financial resources (unlike them), which appears to be a clear attempt to deter him from proceeding with this legal challenge."

These are classic bullying tactics but I am not easily intimidated. Our QC has sent a very robust and comprehensive response, which is now in the 'Further Reading' section entitled ‘Ian Wise QC Response to Defendants’ Summary Grounds’. Whilst much of its contents are complex legal arguments, you will see his expertise and thoroughness has been highly effective at countering their deeply flawed objections. We are now waiting for the Judge to grant approval for the Judicial Review to proceed, noting that due to the pandemic there is a large backlog of cases.


Thank you all for your kind words of support and generous donations and I am sorry I cannot thank you all individually. Please continue to contribute what you can afford and also spread the word so that the number of donors continues to increase, which will help us reach the Crowd Justice target of £120,000. Please persuade your friends and colleagues to donate, making the point that they or their loved ones may not need CHC funding now but may well do in the future, with significant financial consequences.

My team and I are also working hard to identify other sources of funding and recently achieved our first success with a £5000 grant from the Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust that focuses on social injustice. Our current focus is lobbying the CHC Alliance (charities such as Age UK, the Alzheimer's Society and Parkinsons) to help fund this incredibly important legal challenge. Many thousands of the very ill and vulnerable people they support suffer the emotional and financial devastation created by this CHC scandal.

Thank you again for your fantastic support.

With best wishes,

Rear Admiral Philip Mathias and the CHC Campaign Team

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