Legal and Campaign Update by Philip Mathias

Update on The NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Scandal Dear supporter,

In the last few weeks the legal team has done a huge amount of work, with invaluable input from the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA). They are a leading member of the CHC Alliance (17 charities) and experts on the legal complexities of CHC and how CCGs routinely flout the law. The comprehensive legal package (totalling about 70 pages) is nearing completion and looks very compelling. There is greater emphasis on the government's failure to regulate NHS England and in turn, the failure of NHS England to regulate CCGs to ensure they comply with the law. Given the significant quantity of evidence, the QC considers it necessary to give the government a further opportunity to respond, prior to formally applying to the court for a Judicial Review early in the New Year.

Unsurprisingly, the legal fees for the preparation of the case are about what we have already raised. Broad order estimates of the total legal fees that we need to raise in the next six months are a further £70K but this will be dependent on the Judge's decision on 'cost capping' of legal fees, in the event that one party loses the case.

As you know, this legal challenge against the government is complex, lengthy and expensive. It is more like a marathon than a sprint but one we have a high probability of winning. That said, it would be a tragedy if it failed through lack of funding. Could I ask you to do two things? First, please dig deeper and make a further donation if you can afford to do so. Second, continue to send the CJ link to all your friends and family and encourage them to also make a donation. Remind them that one day they, or their loved ones, may need CHC funding. In the meantime, my campaign team is working tirelessly with the media, celebrities and organisations to explore all funding opportunities. All costs relating to the website, advertising and social media are borne entirely by the campaign team members. Therefore you can be sure that with the exception of a small fee that is charged by Crowd Justice, all donations go straight to our legal team.

Thank you all for your fantastic support and I wish you all a happy Christmas, not least to those of you who have the added worry and responsibility of protecting ill and vulnerable loved ones during this dreadful pandemic.

With best wishes,

Philip Mathias and the Campaign Team

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