Legal Update by Philip Mathias

We have now had the initial responses to the pre-action 'letter before claim' from the Government and NHS England. Unsurprisingly, both focus on technical legal arguments why they believe a Judicial Review should not be permitted, rather than addressing the substance of the issues raised. Our QC is not at all concerned by these arguments (he has seen them all before) and for a number of reasons they are not valid. He is now deciding how long to play ping-pong with them before submitting the formal application for a Judicial Review, supported by a significant amount of compelling evidence, which has now been collated.

As I have already mentioned, a legal case of this magnitude and complexity will be a very long drawn out and expensive process. The financial and reputational implications of the Government and NHS England losing are significant and they will probably take every opportunity to appeal, obfuscate and delay but many of you already have personal experience of this type of behaviour by CCGs. Please be in absolutely no doubt that none of this will deter my campaign team, my legal team and I from fighting this battle to a successful conclusion - quite the reverse.

The Campaign Team's focus continues to be on fundraising to support the legal case. We have launched a new website this morning - and we also now have two celebrities onboard - Stan Collymore (the former-footballer and Daily Mirror journalist) and Jimmy McGovern (the screenwriter and producer). We remain extremely grateful for your generosity, so please keep on spreading the word and the CrowdJustice link. I am also humbled by your kind words of support and apologise for not being able to reply to you all individually. Your stories make me feel both angry and sad and even more determined to right this disgraceful injustice.

With thanks and best wishes,

Philip Mathias and the Campaign Team

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