Legal Update from Rear Admiral (Retired) Philip Mathias

I attended the 3 hour oral hearing in the High Court yesterday. Much of the discussion centred on complex arguments over issues such as Standing, Delay (and the legal precedence associated with these) and what responsibilities the NHS and DHSC have regarding CCGs. In order to give this case the due consideration it deserves, the Judge will not make her final decision on whether to grant approval for the Judicial Review until Friday afternoon. Even then, it may not be a binary decision as it is possible that an adjustment will be required with regards to which Grounds apply to each Defendant. This may require further detailed analysis of the Judge’s findings by our legal team and a further discussion with me on the way forward. I will give you a further update once we have clarity on all the above but that may not be until early next week.

With best wishes,

Rear Admiral Philp Mathias and the Campaign Team

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