Launch of NHS CHC Scandal website and blog

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Please help to spread the word of the campaign to bring justice to those in the process and all those who will need support in the future.

Launch of NHS CHC Scandal website and blog

With the launch of our website, we are starting a blog to provide regular updates on the progress of our campaign. We will continue to maintain our posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

All of the campaign team members are volunteers giving up their time to fight this injustice. This is because they all have personal experience of the despicable behaviour that can be encountered when trying to obtain the legal right to NHS Continuing Healthcare for loved ones.

However, this battle is costly. Whilst the Department of Health and the NHS have access to taxpayer funded legal representation, we have to raise funds to ensure the necessary changes are made through a judicial review. We have been very successful in raising the initial £30,000 but need to reach a target of £150,000. We recently exceeded the £40,000 mark.

When you find yourself in the position of having to apply for NHS Continuing Healthcare, you are already in a difficult situation. You have a right to expect that the NHS will uphold the law and assess your loved one appropriately. Sadly, this is not happening in far too many cases and the negative impact on the health and wellbeing of those going through the process can be significant.

We ask everyone to spread the word as much as possible and help contribute to raising the funds needed. Please donate if you can and encourage others to donate if they are able.

Thank you.

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