Shirley Lesiak

Campaign Team Member
Retired Senior Travel Consultant
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I first applied for CHC funding for my late mother in 2014 and then went through a very lengthy process of meetings, appeals, Independent review and finally to the Ombudsman in 2018 . My mother was denied CHC funding and sadly passed away in 2015. 
From the very first meeting alarm bells rang in my head that something was amiss. There was far too much going on behind closed doors and the minutes and reports I received following meetings did not fully reflect what had actually been discussed with me. I sent numerous letters of concern to the CCG and Local Authority, the Ombudsman, my MP, the Health Secretary, the head of CHC in England and the ICO.
Subsequent subject access requests confirmed my suspicions that the CHC assessment process was far from open and transparent in our case. I later discovered that I was not alone in this; families all around the country are experiencing similar problems. The system is in a complete mess and this needs to be addressed ! 
I fully support Philip Mathias and am delighted to be a campaign team member, this Judicial review is long overdue. Please help in any way you can. Thank you.