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Radio 4 You and Yours

4 November 2020

Guidelines made as opaque as they can be? (from 15:35 mins into programme)
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BBC News

7 October 2020

Interview of Rear Admiral Philip Mathias by Victoria Derbyshire
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Telegraph Investigations

29 December 2019

NHS officials working as private consultants charging individuals to help secure CHC funding

Radio 4 You and Yours

14 June 2019

Thousands of people still waiting for their CHC appeals to be heard (approx 1 min into recording)
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BBC Victoria Derbyshire

11 June 2019

'Our life savings are spent on care that should be free'
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Radio 4 Front Row

6 December 2018

Campaign supporter, Jimmy McGovern on BBC Radio 4 discussing NHS Continuing Healthcare (from 21:30 minutes into the recording)

Radio 4 You and Yours

19 March 2018

CCGs placing a cap on the amount they will pay for NHS Continuing Healthcare in the home at risk of court action

Radio 4 You and Yours

17 January 2018

Fresh concerns raised by Public Accounts Committee that some vulnerable people are being failed regarding CHC
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Channel 4 Dispatches

20 November 2017

How to avoid the dementia tax

Radio 4 You and Yours

25 October 2017

Warning to the NHS not to force vulnerable people out of their homes
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Informed Choice Radio

11 December 2016

Interview with Angela Sherman from Care to be Different
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BBC South

24 March 2016

Julie Wood, Chief Executive, NHS Clinical Commissioners speaks about Continuing Healthcare claims
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Luke Clements Lectures

1 April 2015

Professor Luke Clements delivers a lecture on NHS Continuing Health Care & Law

Radio 4 File on 4

18 November 2014

Is demand for long term nursing about to tip NHS finances over the edge?


28 October 2013

Ian Perkin versus the NHS over funding for his mother's care

ITV News

23 March 2012

NHS care for elderly is a 'postcode lottery'


22 August 2007

Interview with Pamela Coughlan



Bleddyn Hancock, former General Secretary of NACODS, talking about NHS long term care