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Good luck. Our Mum had severe dementia, a broken hip, multiple rib fractures, refused food and drink, myeloma, lung cancer and was doubly incontinent. We were advised not to appeal against CHC refusal because we wouldn't win. She got fast track CHC after a severe stroke, but died before getting it.


Perhaps the most needed legal challenge since the Coughlan judgement! Keep up the good work.


As a consultant in NHS Continuing Healthcare I fully support the aims of this legal challenge. Things must change and there needs to be much clearer guidance on what is and what is not a primary healthcare need to prevent CCG's cherry picking how they interpret the National Framework.


CHC affects everyone, whether they know this yet or not. The constant abuse from those who are meant to protect the most vulnerable in society has left me suicidal.


This is not only for the most vulnerable in our society who are being illegally stripped of their assets. It is for the exhausted relatives, who are trying to care for loved one whilst being beaten by a stick by the CHC assessors and LA representative who only care about their budgets.


The unlawful behaviour of CCGs must be stopped. When the experts say a life-threatening condition needs 24/7 medical supervision but the CCG tries to reduce or remove care funding, something is seriously wrong.


This system needs changing now. I am currently taking legal advice after my mother’s assessment was denied after her scoring was deliberately downgraded from what was agreed on the DST. The wording used on the assessments was also deliberately misleading. It’s shameful!


Pledging another donation to keep the momentum going. I am fighting for my Father with advanced dementia who has been unlawfully withheld funding in his time of need I (as POA) have been relentlessly persecuted by CCG to hand over everything he has ever worked for. We need to end the corruption xx


Thank you Philip for starting the process of Judicial Review that will expose the disgraceful scandal that lies within the CCG NHS Continuing Health Care system and its distortions, bullying and unlawful behaviour.


'We rarely get it wrong' and 'We all sit on each other's panels'. Thinly veiled threats at local appeal. We persevered and were successful at IRP. We will continue to contribute in memory of Mum and Dad, both life long NHS. This process must be fair, transparent and accountable. It is far from that.


As a support worker for carers, I've been aware of the manipulatio of the CHC regulatios by health authorities to push people to pay for their care. I agree either the law needs changing to acknowledge and stop current inequitable practices, or the government needs to fund CHC properly.


Thank you Philip for starting the process of Judicial Review that will expose the disgraceful scandal that lies within the CCG NHS Continuing Healthcare system and its distortions, bullying and unlawful behaviour.


CHC is a disgrase - I got it for my mother for a year after a lot of hard work - months of preparation- then on her yearly review although my mother's condition was considerably worse, it was withdrawn - she died 2 months later.


I fully support this cause. The treatment of our desperately and terminally ill Dad has been inhumane and grossly incompetent. I do not know how the people involved in deciding he had no primary health need sleep at night. Shame on them.

Proud Dad

Pledge made on behalf of my lovely Dad with advanced Alzheimer’s. Fighting for CHC for over 2 years for him, a long & unnecessarily unpleasant experience. This pledge is his small win on the Premium Bonds. I know he would approve and I ‘m certain he’d be proud of all our efforts. Well Done all.


The recent PHSO report was highly critical of the failings of the CHC process. A spotlight needs shining on the corrupted actions of CCGs and complicit local authorities . I fully believe Rear Admiral Mathias’ campaign will do just this. Please donate to this very worthy cause.


As a health professional who has provided evidence to panels that has been challenged in every way possible resulting in families and health care workers having to jump through more and more hoops I thank you for bringing this suit. Let's hope it is successful and backdated.


This evil process deprives families young and old not just financially but crucially of time to spend with their loved ones. The law is clear and industrial-scale smoke and mirrors are used by the NHS to deprive people of what the law says they should be allowed... CARE


My 2nd pledge the pennies left from my wages last month. Just spent 2 days getting ready for local resolution with 1 ipr outstanding. Been fighting since 2017


It is appalling that elderly people are denied access to free healthcare from the NHS. It cost my mother thousands in the last few years of her life.


My second contribution. My wife sadly died on Sunday, our claim now will be a retrospective claim. Using professional help as it is the only way through the lying and ducking and diving. A disgraceful situation.


This is a shameful scandal of systematic and deliberate abuse of the National Framework and the patients who should be at he heart of the CHC process. This cause has my full support from sharing the same horrendous experience as described by Mr Mathias.


We had a 2 year battle raising their illegal processes and blatant disregard to their own guidance and ignoring case law. Thank you for doing this, may justice prevail for all the families who went through hell trying to advocate for their loved ones when at their most vulnerable! Thank you


I am sorry I cannot pledge more, but I am unemployed at the moment but my mother has Vascular Dementia and Alzheimer and we are also suffering. I am appalled that families are having to go through this and it is clear that things are not working properly. Hope you can make a difference.


It took me eight years to get funding for my mother. You have described the process as labyrinthine and attritional. I would add devious and dishonest. I was subjected to outright lying - and I am a retired doctor. The best of luck. Let us bring this scandal out into the open.


My wife Josephine suffers from dementia is totally disabled now and I cannot look after at home. She is in a nursing home which costs me £6000/month paid for from tax paid savings over 65yrs together. We die or go bust which ever comes first. No help from CHC.


My wife had 2 severe brain haemorrhages in April 2019. She is very active and requires 24/7 supervision. Now at home with a 24/7 Carer. My costs to date are circa £60k I need more support but without CHC I cannot afford it. I have gone from being a very fit to a near breakdown.